Kirsten DeWitt

Hi!  I'm Kirsten.  I love Jesus & I like to make things.


Once upon a time, I graduated college, got married and landed a job as an auditor in south Florida.  Yeah, an auditor.  You know, taxes and money and balance sheets.   I'm all about those numbers.  Math = love (for me it does anyway).  

A couple years later I had my first baby, a girl.  I left my job.  My life changed drastically from a full-time accounting job to a full-time mommy job.  My precious husband got me my first sewing machine Christmas 2008, and I took a year to learn to sew.  In 2009, I started an in home sewing business and I never stopped making things.  We've come a long way from bibs and burp rags, baby.

Fast forward to today.  We have 3 children, my husband is a military man, and we're homeschoolers.  (Say what?  Who am I even?)  I currently own too many sewing machines to list and I have an arsenal full of fabric & notions.  In short, I make things to stay sane & happy, and my family is grateful.  God's given me a gift of making.  Home-making, clothes-making, graphic-making, (and recently) website-making.   I'm happy I get to share it with you!